9 Of the cringiest things kids have EVER done

Story time! What's the most cringe-worthy thing your kid has said or done that made you want to crawl into a hole?

That was the question posed in a recent Reddit thread, and the answers are really excellent. Like, we don't know whether to laugh, cringe, snort or cry. If you're brave, add your own in the comments or on Facebook.com/SheKnows.

1. The poop proclaimer "I was dating a guy back when my son was maybe 7-8 years old. I picked him up from the airport one night and brought my son with me. While we were driving home the three of us started playing the game 'raise your hand if you've ever...' 5 minutes in, my son blurts out 'raise your hand if you've ever clogged up the toilet with a big pile of poop like my mom did today.' I still want to runaway and hide just thinking about it." -- Rowens78

2. The people counter "My nephew is 6 and at the grocery store the other day he kept counting out loud. He would yell 'SIX... SEVEN... EIGHT!' Finally I asked, 'what are you doing?' And he yelled 'COUNTING BROWN PEOPLE.' I wanted the floor to swallow me up!" -- IsItMyTurnYeti

3. The diplomat of fat "Around the time my son was 3-4 he started noticing when people were overweight and pointing it out calling them fat. I sat him down for a heart to heart talk about how people come in all shapes and sizes and pointing out people to call them fat is hurtful.

A few days later we are in line at a bookstore behind a rather large gentleman. I see my son staring at him and give him the 'Please remember our recent conversation' look. He proceeds to say (very loudly I might add) 'Mom- look at the man in front of us. I'm not gonna say he's fat because that might hurt his feelings so I'm just gonna say he's strong. He's very very strong.' Cue quiet chuckling from everyone within earshot, embarrassed large man, cringing me, and my beaming son who is so proud of himself for learning his lesson." -- Karwan79

4. The pants hater "He has this habit of pulling down his pants when he's upset. It's funny in a family context but not so much at the airport" -- proxproxy

5. The butt baby "When pregnant with our second child we told our first, three years old at the time, that mommy's belly was so big because there was a baby in there.

At a restaurant a couple days later a heavy-set woman walks by our table. Daughter shouts, 'Look mom! That lady had a baby in her butt!'" -- keenly_disinterested

6. The alpha child "Just moved to our new house and the neighbors walked up to say hi. My 4yo walks out of the house naked and sees the neighbors and proceeds to pee standing up. Looking straight at them and says 'bet you can do that!'" -- scabby monkey

7. The friendly one "My kid was eight or so. In a waiting room at his doctor. He had this quirk where he didn't like being white at the time. There's a black family on the couch, already waiting.

My son scoots his scrawny ass down between them, leans back against the mother's chest, and says, 'Ah, I'm black now.' Just so happy and content. I try to get him off this poor woman. She just laughed and said he wasn't hurting anything and he was so happy, just leave him there." -- innosins

8. The fart tattler "I was in a public restroom, my toddler son with me, and a lady farted quite loudly. My son yells out, 'excuse you!' Luckily, the lady found it hilarious. I was mortified!" -- liquidmetal84

9. The Skype flasher "We were on Skype with his grandparents and he pulled down my workout shorts. So embarrassing but the hilarious laugh he had made up for it." -- bodyelectric_

And we couldn't resist a bonus one, from one of our parenting editors who definitely will not be named:

"When I took the kids on a road trip last fall we went to a petting zoo in Chattanooga. A large cow had recently given birth and my 8-year-old came up to me and said, 'That cow's butt is really gross.'

I quietly told him, 'That's not the cow's butt; it's her vagina. She had to push that calf over there out of her vagina.'

He thought about it for a few seconds and said, pretty loudly, "YOUR vagina must have been PRETTY MESSED UP when you had me!""

6.1.15 09:16

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