Steal Kate Middleton's princess style at two price points

Want to get Kate Middleton's look? Kate is sporting her adorable baby bump in this blue and green floral dress, but this outfit is perfect for any woman trying to transition from a winter to spring wardrobe. I love Kate Middleton's style because she chooses classic pieces that flatter her figure while remaining modest.

Florals are quintessentially spring. What I love about Kate's floral dress is that the colors are less expected, which makes it more modern than a traditional pink or yellow floral dress.

To get Kate's look, first find a blue and green floral print dress. I suggest you look for a floral dress made out of jersey, like Kate's appears to be. Jersey is the best because it is ultra comfortable and doesn't wrinkle, perfect for busy moms on the go.

Once you find your dress, look for navy suede pumps, a navy clutch and statement earrings. Top the look with a classic wool coat in navy or dark teal.

Whether you have a modest or large spring shopping budget, you can get Kate's look. If your budget is extra crunched, start with buying the dress and finding items already in your wardrobe to swap in for the other pieces.

You don't have navy pumps or a navy clutch? Try pairing the dress with other neutral colors like brown, ivory, gold or silver (yes, metallics are neutrals!). You don't want to splurge on another winter coat? Any dressier coat that hits below your hips (knee length preferred) will work.

If you're looking for a fun and feminine way to get Kate Middleton's floral dress look, check out my shopping suggestions.

25.3.15 07:27

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